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LinkedIn has added a video option for LinkedIn Influencers in varied professions to offer advice. It appears that the video are spawned from questions created by LinkedIn, with many Influencers creating a video to a question. I imagine that the questions will eventually be opened up to others on the platform.

This is a continuation of its strategy of being the world's business platform and professional portal. "Over the past few months, we’ve worked hard to make your feed a valuable resource for dynamic conversations, professional news and stories," commented Jonathan (Jasper) Sherman-Presser, who's a Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn. "Today your LinkedIn Feed will come to life in a whole new way with the introduction of 30-second videos from LinkedIn Influencers."

LinkedIn invited 500 Influencers to start adding 30 second videos on topics that they typically write about, speak about and are leading experts on. The videos become sort of mini tutorials on business and professional strategy on hundreds of topics ranging from education, diversity, leadership, marketing, sales, personal growth and much more. It's likely that LinkedIn will open this up to many others over time.

All of the videos from LinkedIn Influencer's that you follow will show up in your feed. The videos are designed to spark a conversation with other Influencers weighing in with comments and allowing you to comment as well. You can also share the video with your LinkedIn network or on Facebook and Twitter. At launch, videos cannot be shared on YouTube or embedded into articles on the web. Hopefully, the embedding feature will be added soon so that sites like WebProNews can embed videos into related articles.

I envision that these videos will also be used to comment on current news related to an Influencer's area of interest. For instance, Google launches a new feature and Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand could create a 30 second video on its impact on SEO. "We encourage you to share your thoughts by commenting on videos and inviting others to join the conversation by sharing the videos with your network." says Sherman-Presser. "By doing so, you have the opportunity to engage more deeply with the people and topics that matter in your industry."

New Economy Editor at LinkedIn, Caroline Fairchild, asked: What's the #1 thing founders should avoid doing in a pitch meeting? You can view the answers to that question on LinkedIn from business guru Guy Kawasaki, Homebrew VC Partner Hunter Walk, venture investor Christopher Schroeder and many others.

Although we can't embed the videos responses to the question. The answers were generally very good and because of the 30 second requirement they were succinct. In just a few minutes you could easily listen to all of the video responses from a particular question.

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