Lingerie Thief: Tattoo Gave Him Away To Cops

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A man who broke into a lingerie and adult shop in Iowa earlier this month failed to realize that getting naked beneath security cameras isn't a good idea if you have a very incriminating tattoo.

Jose Angel Perales made his way to Dr. John's Lingerie Boutique around four a.m. on February 17th and had himself a little one-man party inside the store, trying on various items of clothing and "playing" with several sex toys. He also pleasured himself anally in the manager's office.

Perales spent more than two hours in the store, experimenting with sex toys and trying on clothes. His downfall was getting naked in the office; police, when looking over the surveillance tape, saw the giant tattoo on his back reading "Perales" and quickly linked him to the crime. After tracking him down, officials say Perales confessed to the deeds and gave up the merchandise he'd stolen. Several of the items taken were already used (a.k.a. “could not be resold and were thrown away as they had bodily fluid on them") when investigators found them, prompting the store to write them off as a loss.

Perales was charged with third-degree burglary and third-degree theft; he was released on $5,000 bond.

Amanda Crum
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