Lindsey Vonn Vow: To Be Olympics-Ready

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Lindsey Vonn has vowed that she will be ready for the 2014 Olympics despite sustaining a horrifying injury earlier this month in Austria.

The 28-year old skier broke her right leg and tore both her ACL and MCL in a crash that required her to be airlifted from the mountain on the first day of the world championships; at first, there was concern that the injuries would keep her out of the Winter Olympics for sure, but Vonn says that even if she has to cram in months worth of training the week before the event, she'll do it.

“I have no doubt I will be ready for Sochi,” Vonn said. "Honestly, in a worst-case scenario, if I trained a week before the Games, I’d be fine."

Of course, it's only been two weeks since the injury, so only time will tell how long it will take her to get rehabilitated. The athlete commented on the crash, saying why she thought it ended up being so bad.

"Basically what happened was I came into that jump going a little bit faster, or I don't know if I just hit the jump wrong, but I feel like I flew a lot further than the other girls,'' Vonn said. "When I landed, the snow was just different. The snow was soft. It was not slick, basically, and my right ski just stopped and my knee buckled. I feel that loose snow was 100% the reason why I crashed. I initially thought it was going to be worse. There was just so much pain that I couldn’t quite tell where exactly it was coming from."

Vonn declined to comment on the rumors that she and golf pro Tiger Woods are dating, saying she's not prepared to talk about her personal life with so much going on in her professional one.

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