Lindsey Vonn: Tiger Woods Taught Me Mental Toughness

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Lindsey Vonn seems to get far more attention than most skiers do in the United States. Sure, she is a great athlete who deserves attention. But how many athletes continue to be trending topics when they are injured?

This is something that Lindsey Vonn was asked about by Orf. The most obvious answer was that Vonn is dating Tiger Woods, which means she gets coverage even when injured. In fact, she gets coverage about her recovery from injury, much more than another skier might have in the past.

"At the time I started dating him I was injured. Normally if you are injured you are not in the media but because I was together with Tiger this circumstance changed a little bit. But mainly I concentrated on my rehabilitation."

Lindsey Vonn says she never thought about quitting, because skiing is her life.

"I never thought about [quitting] because I know I am able to do a lot more, to reach more in skiing. That’s my big love!

"Since I was a child, skiing was the only thing what was current all the time. When I had troubles with the family or with my husband or something else in life, skiing was always present. Skiing was my best friend. When I am on a mountain I feel free. Yeah, it’s a wonderful feeling, I cannot life without skiing."

She does credit Tiger Woods for teaching her about the mentality she has to have to be a pro athlete, especially when recovering from injury and disappointment.

"Tiger is very mentally very strong. He had many up and downs and fought a lot. I have learned how you have to be mentally. We are very often in gym together I learned a lot from him. Hopefully he leaned a little bit from me too."

But beyond that, she feels like their relationship is normal.

"Tiger is a normal person for me. We are in Florida very often – it’s quite different to Vail. I went to some golf tournaments with him. 5 hours a day that’s very long. But my life doesn’t change a lot since I date him. I already know the media stuff too, it’s a little bit more now but that doesn’t matter. We live our life that’s all."

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