Lindsey Vonn Hits Slopes The Day After Getting Bite, Stitches From Her Own Dogs

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Lindsey Vonn had to get stitches in her thumb on Saturday after breaking up a fight between her two dogs, Leo and Bear.

The fight that broke out between Lindsey Vonn's dogs began over ownership of what must have been a particularly appealing frisbee.

Apparently, the dogs were too caught up in their death battle to notice the hand of their owner when it appeared in the scuffle.

No word yet on whether Lindsey Vonn has given Leo and Bear the talk about biting the hand that feeds them.

While Lindsey Vonn's injuries were bad enough to require stitches, they aren't bad enough to bring her down.

In fact, she skied the very next day and insisted that they won't interfere at all with her upcoming slalom in Aspen at the end of this month.

Dog bite is fine (snapchat: @lindseyvonnski)

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Lindsey Vonn took the opportunity to hilariously compare herself to funnyman Jimmy Fallon and his recent hand injuries.

Lindsey Vonn is famously in love with her dogs and likely forgave them on the spot.

Look Ma, I'm famous! #epiclifemag #christmascardmaterial

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What do you think about Lindsey Vonn's comparison of herself to Jimmy Fallon?

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