Lindsay Lohan's Premiere Called "Boring"

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Lindsay Lohan's docu-series premiered on Sunday night on Oprah's OWN, and while many were expecting non-stop drama in the first episode, some critics found it a little slow and even boring at times.

While a preview last week promised an interesting look inside the troubled actress's life, the first episode is mostly about her hunt for an apartment and gives us a look at her everyday life more than the tension between her and her famous family, although that's sure to come in the near future; Lohan does have a meal with her dad which doesn't look like it ends well.

"If you were hoping for a tabloid-style portrayal of Lohan’s “train wreck” existence, you were likely disappointed by the premiere, which presented the actress not only as a recovering addict, but as a hopeful survivor," wrote Yahoo's Andy Swift. "Sure, there was the occasional moment of insanity — I’m still not sure why Lohan found herself at that lingerie shoot, and any scene featuring mom Dina Lohan was pure gold — but for the most part, the premiere took itself very seriously."

However, many who saw the premiere admit that a little "boring" might be the key to Lohan getting her life back on track after a slew of legal troubles and battles with alleged substance abuse. In the preview that was released last week, the actress talks about her hard partying ways and says that it doesn't appeal to her anymore because she's done it all.

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