Lindsay Lohan Source of Dina Lohan's Angst

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Lindsay Lohan was the source of mom Dina Lohan's angst during her days of drug and alcohol abuse. The elder Lohan recently told Oprah Winfrey she was afraid her daughter would die as a result of abusing her body.

"Did you think there were days when she wouldn't make it?" Winfrey asked Dina Lohan during her OWN docu-series called Lindsay.

Dina Lohan appeared visibly shaken by the question, so Oprah asked a variation of it again.

"What was the darkest for you?" she prompted Dina.

"That. Losing her," she replied.

"The more the press would keep staying she's going to be [one of those tragic Hollywood stories]—they were like putting that out in the universe," Dina Lohan added as she worked to not lose her composure during the interview. "That was scaring me the most, 'cause I knew that could happen to her."

Oprah Winfrey made sure to mention that Lindsay Lohan is back home in New York during this, her post-rehab phase. This makes Dina Lohan happy, however she admits she is still feeling a small amount of that familiar angst.

"Uneasy, but calmer," she said of her present demeanor.

Dina Lohan is often portrayed in a very unflattering light, but during her interview with Oprah Winfrey it became clear that she was still a mom who loved her daughter.

Lindsay Lohan admits that reliving all of her rough times for Oprah Winfrey's docu-series wasn't an easy thing to do.

Fortunately the young actress is still around to appear on the OWN network, and maybe her experiences will help save others from traveling down the same dismal road.

Are you surprised to see such a caring side to Dina Lohan?

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