Lindsay Lohan Seems to Think Meeting Fans Constitutes Community Service, May Face Jail Time

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Lindsay Lohan seems to think meeting and greeting fans constitutes community service and now the beleaguered actress is once again under investigation.

Although Lindsay Lohan is close to finishing her final community service sentence, an official alleges she may not have completed as many hours as she claims, according to the Associated Press.

Santa Monica Chief Deputy City Attorney Terry White recently said he doubts Lindsay Lohan had completed 80 hours of community service in nine days and if he can prove it, he said he will seek jail time for the actress.

While claims meet and greet session with fans does not constitute community service.

"She got to shake hands with people, and that's community service," White said. "I'd love to hang out with a celebrity all day and see their life, but that's not community service."

White said he also believes Lohan could not have completed the service because of treatment she received last month for her widely reported bout with the Chikungunya virus. Lohan's attorney Shawn Holley discounts White's claim, saying Lohan has received outpatient treatment and "powered through it."

Lindsay Lohan's sentence for a 2012 conviction for reckless driving called for 240 hours of community service. A judge permitted Lohan to complete a portion of her service in London while she appeared in the West End production of Speed-the-Plow.

White must verify Lohan's hours by Feb. 18.

Pam Wright