Limbaugh Advertiser Says Ad Boycott Is "Terrorism"

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Mark Stevens advertises on Rush Limbaugh's show, even after the latest Limbaugh scandal. He remains unbowed by the current advertiser boycott that is decimating Limbaugh's advertiser base.

Yesterday, Mark Stevens was on the Fox Business Network show Varney and Co. He made some interesting remarks about the current Limbaugh advertiser boycott:

"I just want... The reason why I want ... What I'd like to say is that what is not known about this is this is not a boycott. That is a polite term for organized terrorist activity that is descending on people, on businesses that are advertising on Rush, and it's part of the larger war on business in America today."

Limbaugh played that excerpt on his show today, adding his own commentary:

"That's an excellent point. It's an organized action by the left attempting to terrorize individuals who own businesses and operate radio stations. It's not angry consumers. These people couldn't have cared less what happened three weeks ago other than the opportunity it presents them. They're not even really offended by what happened. This is just an opportunity to execute a plan that they've had in their drawer since 2009."

So, if you are involved in an advertiser boycott against Rush Limbaugh in response to his calling Sandra Fluke a slut, you are a terrorist and you are engaging in a war on business that you have been plotting since 2009.

Limbaugh continues:

"Have you heard a conservative media member express a desire that the opposition be shut down and silenced or thrown in jail or prosecuted? Do you ever hear that? No. We're not afraid of discussing what we believe. We know we'll triumph. We're not afraid of debating our ideas, and we're not threatened by virtue of their existence. We're threatened by what they want to do and we're threatened by their ideas, but we're not threatened by their existence. We don't seek to shut 'em down, but this is all they've got."

Conservatives do not seek to boycott things they do not like. Unless...

You stopped advertising with Rush Limbaugh recently.

You're considered a "Hollywood Liberal".

You're a gay Republican who is invited to attend one of their meetings.

You're Ben and Jerry's.

You don't want Rush Limbaugh to own your football team.

You insult Tim Tebow.

You're General Motors.

You're rumored to offer tacit support to your gay employees.

You're a Thin Mint.

You use Ellen Degeneres in your ads.

You sell Archie comics.

Of course, all this is preposterous. Conservatives can boycott anything they want, no matter whether you like it or not. It is not infringing on anyone's First Amendment rights. It isn't terrorism. And it isn't a war on business when they do it. But, don't act like it doesn't happen.

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