Liev Schreiber: Naomi Watts Made First Move?


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Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts have been together for years and have kids together, but the star has finally come out and revealed information about when they initially got together. Watts recently revealed that she was the one who made the first move.

The couple knew each other a bit already, but their relationship did not get going until a Costume Institute Gala that took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The event took place eight years ago, and they have been together ever since. There have been multiple rumors swirling around about their relationship over the years, and although he reportedly gave her a ring, there has never been an official marriage between the couple. They have two kids, Alexander who is 6 years old, and Samuel, who is four.

The couple are both well-known for their careers in film, and recently, Schreiber has also enjoyed success with his new television show, Ray Donovan. Watts is well-known for her role in King Kong, and received an Oscar nomination for her 2012 film, The Impossible.

When the couple got together, Watts felt very brave and was not willing to let the opportunity go to waste. Watts was scared when she saw him getting up and decided that the only way to get his attention was to do something bold and outrageous. She said in relation to making the first move, "Normally I want a guy to make the first move, and he wasn't."

Guys are typically known for making the first move, but in this case, it took Schreiber leaving for the night to provoke Watts to move in. She just could not forgive herself if she did not tell him how she felt, mentioning, "I was wildly attracted to him and his work, so I said something cheeky as he was about to walk out."

Watts, who will soon be seen playing Princess Diana in Diana, recalls asking Schreiber for his digits. She says that Liev Schrieber appreciated her goofiness and gave her his number. He also sent her a text in a matter of minutes, asking if she wanted to have a drink, but they waited until the next day to get breakfast instead. The rest is history, for Schreiber (46), and Watts (45).

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