Lickable Wallpaper Mimics Willy Wonka's Idea

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Do the snozzberries taste like snozzberries?

In things that fall under the category of "most awesome idea ever", a British chef and a public relations company--Mischief PR--have joined forces to create lickable wallpaper that tastes just like Jaffa Cakes, a popular cookie across the pond.

The paper--which is made up of hundreds of stickers resembling the cookies--is installed in an office building's elevator as of now, but the team wants to sell it to other businesses in the hopes that it will relieve a bit of stress during the workday. Luckily, they've thought ahead and installed a bellhop in the elevator car who will remove each sticker once it's been licked. No one wants ABL Jaffa Cakes (being American, I've never actually had a Jaffa Cake...but it's the idea I'm touting here, not necessarily the choice of flavors).

Although those fortunate enough to be in on the wallpaper's unveiling seem to be quite happy with the choice of flavors, the ideas for this are really limitless. Why not create mixed-drink wall coverings? Have a lick and experience the relaxation of a day at the poolside, yet suffer none of those pesky "drunk at work" consequences. Or steak and baked potato wallpaper to tide you over until dinnertime, with none of the calories!

Being a huge Edgar Wright fan, I immediately thought of one of my favorite scenes from the British show "Spaced", starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, in which Pegg's character remembers he has Jaffa Cakes in his coat pocket FTW. (Warning, a bit of language makes the video NSFW).

Wonder what Tim and Daisy would think of this wallpaper?

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