Liam Neeson to Tour N.Y. Carriage Horse Stables

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Liam Neeson will visit the stables of New York carriage horses on Sunday, along with several city council members. Neeson is against Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to do away with the horses that are frequently seen towing passengers enjoying leisurely rides through Central Park.

De Blasio said throughout his entire mayoral campaign that he would ban the carriages if he was elected. He wholeheartedly believes that the practice of carriage rides is outdated and cruel to the animals. The mayor also plans to tour the Clinton Park horse stables at some point in the near future, but he says his mind is made up no matter what.

"I respect Liam Neeson a lot. I'm a big fan of his work. But the fact is I've put forward a plan and a vision, and the people ratified it in a election, and that's what mattered most," de Blasio said during an interview on Saturday. "What we do want to do, and we've said this repeatedly, is work with the carriage operators to find a good path for them individually going forward. Other job opportunities for them. They would get first dibs on those job opportunities. We have to put together all the pieces."

It seems only about a dozen of the 51 New York City Council members agreed to tour the stables on Sunday with Liam Neeson. While the Taken actor's idea of saving the carriage horses and the iconic New York City tradition is one many people would no doubt love to see come to fruition, it seems the mayor has made up his mind. And without the backing of way more than a dozen or so city council members it doesn't sound like there's a prayer of changing his plan. de Blasio even wants to replace the horses with electric cars.

A Sioux nation chief spoke out against Mayor de Blasio's plan back in November, saying he believes the horses belong beside the people they have long served.

Do you think Mayor Bill de Blasio is right in wanting the horse drawn carriages in New York banned? Or do you think Liam Neeson and the few who likely back up his feelings on the matter deserve more of a forum before the decision becomes set in stone and a New York tradition is replaced with electric cars?

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