Le'Veon Bell Suffered Concussion Against Ravens, Hopes To Play Sunday


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Le'Veon Bell has been one of the top players on a struggling Pittsburgh Steelers team throughout the season. He is a rookie for the Steelers, and formerly the star running back for the Michigan State Spartans.

The young player is hoping to play against the Miami Dolphins in their next game on Sunday, but after suffering a concussion in their previous game, there are certainly doubts that he will be able to. He had an ugly goal-line collision with Jimmy Smith, a cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens, and forced him to leave the game.

Le'Veon Bell collided with Smith at the goal-line, while attempting to score a touchdown on a 1-yard run. The two players rammed helmets, and forced Bell to lose his helmet. While the play was initially ruled a touchdown, the call was reversed due to the fact that Bell lost his helmet before entering the end-zone. Any time that a player loses their helmet, the play is automatically called, in order to protect the safety of the players.

He did not know much about what was going on at the time, and following the hit, he mentioned "I didn't remember it when it first happened. Once I came off the field I didn't really know I had scored. Then they told me I did; then they told me it wasn't a touchdown. I wasn't aware of what was going on at the time because I got hit. I can't really remember what happened."

He left the game, and upon seeing a replay, Bell says he is lucky that the injury is not worse. After he left, the Thursday night game ended with a final score of 22-20 in favor of the Baltimore Ravens. The injury looks to be fairly serious, but it could certainly be worse.

Bell is hoping to be able to play on Sunday, but knows that there is a chance that he will not be able to. He is taking it one step at a time, and he said "I'm going to take it day by day and see where we're at. I'm going to take it day by day and see where we're at."

After the big hit, Le'Veon Bell has said that he does not remember it happening, which is always scary to hear from any player. He is team's best runner by far, and leads the team with 528 yards rushing and five touchdowns. If he is able to return, it would be a big boost for the Steelers, who are desperately trying to make the playoffs after a terrible start to the season.

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