Leslie Mann And Dakota Johnson Flirt Like Pros With Reporter During Press Junket

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Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson have found a way to make humdrum press junkets a little more interesting.

The two lovely actresses were out promoting their upcoming comedy film, How to Be Single, when they found themselves being interviewed by a rather attractive reporter. Seeing an opportunity to change the pace of the usual question-and-answer routine without compromising the promotion of the film, they proceeded to hit on him instead.

The reporter, whose name is Chris Van Vliet from WSVN Miami, seemed to be to enjoying himself at the beginning of the interview, when Leslie Mann complimented him about his socks and said he was handsome.

“Are you single?” asked Mann, to which Johnson followed with a classic, “Do you work out a lot?”

At that point, the interview had officially been hijacked, more so when Leslie Mann asks him to take off his shirt. When the reporter jokingly responds, “Which one?” Dakota Johnson quickly says, “All of them.”

Watch Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson Hit On this Male Reporter

After settling with unbuttoning three of his shirt buttons, Van Vliet tries to continue the interview by trying out a couple of pick-up lines on the two female stars.

“Are you Google? Because you’re exactly what I’ve been searching for,” to which Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson immediately expressed their disapproval.

“Don’t ever say that again,” said Johnson. “That’s terrible,” said Mann.

However, the reporter managed to redeem himself with another pick-up line: ““I don’t have a library card but can I check you out,” which probably earned their nods more for the delivery rather than the line itself.

Leslie Mann, Rebel Wilson, and Dakota Johnson Star in 'How to Be Single'

The film is based on the novel of the same name, which was written by Liz Tuccillo – the same woman who co-wrote the self-help book, He’s Just Not That Into You and the 2005 TV series, Related. How to Be Single stars Leslie Mann, Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, and Alison Brie, and is set to hit theaters on February 12.

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