Legoland Threats: Resort Hotel Temporarily Closes

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"The Legoland Windsor resort has had to close the hotel on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 March 2014 after threats from right-wing groups."

It looks like "Muslim Fun Day" won't be happening at the Legoland theme park's Windsor hotel near London, England any time soon.

The private event, organized by the Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF), was scheduled to happen over the weekend; however, after threats to staff and visitors, Legoland has decided to completely close their doors for the entire weekend.

A spokeswoman for the park said that they had been contacted by quite a few right wing groups "relentlessly and aggressively online and via the telephone".

"The safety and security of our guests and our members of staff has to be our number one priority, which is why we've made the difficult decision to close the hotel," she said.

Although Legoland told callers that the park was for hire to anyone, no matter what their race or religion, and that the MRDF said that their fun day was "open to people of all faiths and backgrounds," they could not find a solution to the threats and negative press that surrounded the event.

According to Yahoo Finance, Legoland said the people booked to stay in the 150-room hotel would get a full refund.

"We are extremely sorry that we’ve had to cancel guest bookings and whole heartedly understand the disappointment of those families that will be unable to attend," the spokeswoman said.

Sara Powell, a guest booked to stay in the hotel left a message on the BBC Radio Berkshire's Facebook page stating her dismay.

"Extremely disappointed that our hotel trip has been cancelled at ridiculously short notice, and angry that this situation has been allowed to happen," she wrote. "Will be speaking to Legoland in the morning."

Earlier in the week, a blogger from the far-right British National Party blogged that Legoland should be "ashamed of themselves for bowing to these Muslims".

"If someone would organise a white Christian-only day, people would be up in arms, calling them racist and God knows what, but no one says a thing when it's Muslims," he added.

Thames Valley Police said threatening and abusive messages would not be tolerated and it is investigating whether any offence has been committed.

Legoland theme park reopens for the season next week, but the hotel is open year-round ... except for this weekend.

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