Lego Resume: Northwestern College Student Builds Her Way to the Top


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One college student's resume has gone viral.

Northwestern University student Leah Bowman constructed her resume based off of Legos, which has now been seen by a number of prospective employers.

Bowman-who majors in Communication Studies: Integrated Marketing and Anthropology-started working on her creation via the Lego Digital Designer during her spring break in hometown Johnston, Iowa.

The 20-year-old says that since Legos were always a big part of her Danish childhood memories, she decided to use the idea as an artistic way to land a summer internship at an advertising agency.

The model of Bowman is accompanied by a Lego-inspired graphic designed resume with the headline: “Build the Perfect Account Service Intern!”

Her resume outlines her obvious “eye for design” and “attention to detail.”

She has even replaced the signature Lego logo with her first name instead.

Bowman shared how searching for a job is quite challenging when going against competition.

She wanted to do something that would make her stand out, and it looks like she achieved just that.

Bowman told Mashable: "I've applied for dozens of jobs and had a handful of interviews, but sometimes there's just another candidate that edged you out. I know I'd be a great addition to any team, but I needed a better way to communicate that rather than just sending in a boring resume."

Bowman ultimately wants to work for Lego, but she told Good Morning America Friday that any job would do.

“I just want a job that gives me unique challenges every week and gain some great experience,” she said.

Although her resume has grabbed major attention in the corporate world, Bowman has yet to secure an internship. She is quite aware that no matter how creative her resume may appear, it doesn't guarantee her a job.

“It'd be silly if I expected to be offered jobs based solely on a Lego set."

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