LEGO Finally Commemorates The Unsung Hero Of The Rebel Fleet

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KRE-O made quite the splash last week when they announced that they were bringing a whole fleet of Star Trek sets to San Diego Comic-Con. While the Enterprise set preview was impressive, it still wasn't LEGO or their far superior Star Wars line. Not to be outdone by the folks at Hasbro, LEGO has announced the next Star Wars set that has me already wanting to fork over the money.

The newest Star Wars set from LEGO features the most under appreciated starship in Star Wars history - the B-Wing. Sure, everybody loves the X-Wing or the Y-Wing, but nobody ever gives any love to the B-Wing. I've always loved it since it looks completely impractical from a design standpoint, but it still fights just as well with the rest of them. It was always my vehicle of choice in the Rogue Squadron games.

The B-Wing Starfighter LEGO set follows the standard set by the other collectible Star Wars sets which include the Death Star, Super Star Destroyer and R2-D2. It will be expensive and it will be very large. How big will it be? The set contains 1,486 pieces and it will measure 26 inches wide by 15 inches high.

Here's the official stats sheet from the geniuses at LEGO:

  • A highly detailed Ultimate Collector Series B-wing Starfighter model
  • Features rotating, self-leveling cockpit
  • Features realistic wing configurations for landing and flight
  • Includes display stand and fact plaque
  • Model can be detached from display stand
  • Measures 26” (66cm) wide and 15” (38cm) high in flight configuration, and 17” (43cm) high when mounted on display stand
  • You'll be able to get your hands on this fantastic set in October 2012 for the relatively low asking price of $199.99. That's really a small price to pay for what is the coolest, yet weirdest, Star Wars ship to ever grace the franchise.

    Here's a video with the LEGO design team as they walk you through what went into making the latest and greatest Star Wars set.

    [h/t: Geek Alerts]

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