LEGO Breaking Bad Looks Awesome and Hopefully If I Throw Money at My Computer It Will Happen

Josh WolfordLife

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This is a no brainer, people-who-have-any-say-on-whether-or-not-this-ever-gets-made. Honestly, short of Bioshock: Baltimore starring Bunk and McNulty, I can't even imagine a game that I would buy any quicker. Half Life 3?

In all seriousness, this is way cool. Love those LEGO games, love Breaking Bad even more. I totally want to control little LEGO Mike Ehrmantraut. Damn, now I really want to play something that doesn't exist...yet.

"I have no affiliation with Traveller's Tales, LEGO, or AMC. I'm just a huge fan of the stuff they make. But seriously, if they all got together and made this game, for real, I'd buy it and play the crap out of it," says creator Brian Anderson.

Hell yeah, Who wouldn't?

Josh Wolford
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