Led Zeppelin Releases Video Preview Of "In Through The Out Door" Expanded Reissue

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Led Zeppelin's reissue campaign is marching along to the next expanded package, which will be 1979's In Through the Out Door available on July 31st.

Led Zeppelin have already released reissues of many of their iconic albums before In Through the Out Door.

Beginning in June of last year, Led Zeppelin has been reissuing their albums starting with their albums Led Zeppelin I, Led Zeppelin II, and Led Zeppelin III.

Then, last October Led Zeppelin put out the reissues of Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy.

In February of this year, Led Zeppelin dealt out the reissue of Physical Graffiti.

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Led Zeppelin released a video of what a person will get when they purchase the reissue package.

In Through the Out Door is Led Zeppelin's eighth studio album. It included the songs "Hot Dog" and "The Hook".

Coming soon from Led Zeppelin will be the reissues of 1976's Presence and 1982's Coda.

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Eduardo Rivadavia of Ultimate Classic Rock shed some light on the reissue and the story behind the original in an article from May of this year.

He wrote, "On May 30, 1978, Led Zeppelin – which had been sidelined in recent years by personal issues, including the tragic death of singer Robert Plant’s young son – reconvened in Stockholm to begin working on the band’s eighth album, In Through the Out Door."

He continued, "But, with Zep mastermind Jimmy Page mired in a nasty heroin addiction and other more mysterious afflictions (mostly rumors about his oft-publicized interest in the occult), and drummer John Bonham battling alcoholism, it was left to bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones and singer Plant to pilot the battered old airship through the album’s sessions."

Really interesting insight into how Led Zeppelin's In Through the Out Door came to be!

Will you be buying Led Zeppelin's reissue of In Through the Out Door?

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