Lebron James: You've Got To See This Dunk

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In the sport of professional basketball, some players are rulers, some are just trying to keep their starting position and others are just plain victims, and it's clear Sacramento Kings rookie Ben McLemore fell into the victims category, at least last night, when he was severely dunked on by Lebron James--clearly one of the league's rulers.

It was the first quarter and the score was the Heat 21 and the Kings 19, when James used his left hand and made a strong move towards the basket from the left wing, and before you knew it, McLemore was on the receiving end of a vicious right handed dunk, which seemed to be James' way of saying "Welcome to the NBA kid."

It seems as though James is picking up right where he left off last year, dominating the competition with a smorgasbord of moves and deadly attacks. Whether he's controlling the ball as a point guard, posting up as a big man, or shooting from the key, it doesn't seem like teams have figured out how to stop the 28-year old.

And as far as the Miami Heat, they currently have a record of 20 wins and 6 losses and remain in second place within the Eastern conference, only coming behind the Indiana Pacers, who are 21 and 5.

In fact, it's been a pretty dismal start for the Eastern conference as a whole, as only three teams are playing above 500 at the moment, the third team being the Atlanta Hawks. And with James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and a host of excellent role players playing so well, it's unlikely that other teams in the East will be able to catch up, let alone beat the Heat during the playoffs in a seven game series.

But the playoffs are still a long way away, and and until then, it's more than likely that James will make even more victims out of unsuspecting players. It's just the law of the land in professional basketball, because before one can fly and be successful, he'll have to learn how to walk, and in this case walking means getting dunked on. Better luck next time McLemore.

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