Lebron James Is Set To Make His Film Debut

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Lebron James has become quite the superpower as a player in the NBA, and even nicknamed himself "The King." What's next for the basketball superstar? He is planning to be the star of a new film, something that he has been planning for a number of years, but has not been able to get going until recently.

The film will not feature him in some serious dramatic role, but in fact James will star as a basketball player, something that he has plenty of experience doing. The film will be titled Ballers, and after becoming a close friend to Lebron James and other members of the Miami Heat over the past few years, Kevin Hart has been attached to the project.

Kevin Hart, the well-known stand-up comedian, and comedy actor, will be writing the script, as well as co-starring in the film with James. Hart will appear in the film as the lesser known brother of the NBA star played by Lebron James. He lives in the shadow of his superstar brother, constantly getting all of the attention. His character gets a chance to prove himself when he and some friends attend a fantasy basketball camp in Miami, hosted by James' character.

Despite being in the early stage of development, Hollywood media outlets have already been comparing the film to Twins, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito. It will be quite the pairing for the NBA star and actor, with James being 6'8, and Hart only 5'3.

The film will be a comedy about an adult fantasy basketball camp. The idea has been brewing since 2008 when he played for the Cavaliers, and has been in various stages of development since then. Lebron James, and his business partner, Maverick Carter, will serve as executive producers on the film.

Lebron James has appeared in a film once before, being the subject of a documentary called More Than A Game, focusing on his years as a high school basketball player.

The worlds of comedy and basketball will collide for the new film, and pairing Kevin Hart with Lebron James will make for quite the comedic sports film. Production on Ballers begins in the summer of 2014.

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