Leah Remini, Jennifer Lopez Hit by Alleged Drunk Driver

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Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez were involved in an alleged drunk driving accident in Malibu on Saturday, when a presumably intoxicated driver rear ended the car Remini was driving. Lopez was in the passenger seat. Her children--twins Max and Emme--and Leah Remini's daughter Sofia were all in the backseat at the time of the crash. The alleged drunk driver fled the scene following the crash. Fortunately neither the former King of Queens star nor any of her passengers were injured in the crash.

TMZ reports that law enforcement officials confirmed that the alleged drunk driver fled the accident scene. J Lo reportedly used a few choice words to describe the driver as she called 911 to both report the accident and describe the vehicle that hit them. She then shared a photo of herself with Leah Remini on Instagram and described the situation to her followers.

"Sitting at a light, Riding high right before some drunk fool rear ended us in my new whip!!! Thank god everyone ok!!! #GRATEFUL #THANKYOUGOD #DontdrinkandDrive!!!! #cursedthatfoolout #theBronxcameout #dontmesswithmycocnuts #mamabear #leahstayedcalm #thatwasweird," she captioned the shot.

It seems the 'Booty' singer was letting Leah Remini drive her new car. Remini, however, was completely content to concentrate on the good in her day rather than on the alleged drunk driver who hit them. She reposted a photo of Jennifer Lopez's twins, along with her ten-year-old daughter Sofia riding in the backseat.

"#Repost from @jlo with @repostapp --- These three cuties make my day!! #Coconuts #Sofia #lunchwthekiddies #bigpimpin' #brooklynindahouse," she captioned the photo.

Fortunately no one was injured or worse during the alleged drunk driving crash that involved Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez, as well as their children. This certainly could have turned out much worse. Hopefully states will continue to crack down on their drunk driving laws. Too many people die on America's roads each year as a result of their careless actions.

It's unknown thus far if the alleged drunk driver who hit Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez has been apprehended. It will be interesting to learn what--if any--legal action can be taken if and when he or she is caught.

Kimberly Ripley
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