Leah Messer Disses Corey Simms' Marriage, Claims Own Marriage Good

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Leah Messer of Teen Mom fame lashed out at her ex-husband Corey Simms, and dissed his marriage to wife Miranda. And even though everyone knows her own marriage was rocked--not once, but twice--by purported cheating scandals, she claims she and hubby Jeremy Calvert are very much in love.

According to a report from RadarOnline, tensions still run high between Leah and Corey, even though their custody battle over twins Aleeah and Ali is over. She lashed out at Corey Simms and his wife over comments she read on a page she believed to be his--or theirs.

She added comments regarding those she read on Corey's page via her own Facebook page.

Leah Messer insists that her lashing out is in no way related to the custody battle she and Corey Simms engaged in. The court decided that the two would share custody of their twins.

“I am very happy with the results and will talk about it very soon,” she said. “I think the results were in my daughters BEST interest."

Even though Leah tried to sound justified in her rant, it sort of backfired on her. Miranda Simms shared via Twitter that she and her husband don't even have a Facebook page.

Is it possible that Leah Messer is eating a bit of crow now that Miranda Simms pointed out her foolish behavior? What will she find to lash out at Corey and his wife for next?

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