Leah Jenner, Brandon Jenner Celebrate With Family at Baby Shower

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Leah Jenner and Brandon Jenner were the guests of honor at a baby shower on Sunday. The shower was hosted by Brandon's mom, Linda Thompson.

Held in the back yard of the home shared by Brandon and Leah Jenner, the decor was simple, but elegant. It included roses--both pink and white--and a clothesline displaying an array of baby clothes and onesies.

A cake reading, 'Welcome Baby Jenner' served as a centerpiece.

Leah Jenner wore a white maxi dress and brown floppy hat to the baby shower. She actually had a hand with the pre-shower preparations, too.

On Saturday, the mom-to-be prepared Sprinkles cupcakes--all tied with blue ribbons--as party favors for her guests. She shared a photo of the cupcakes via Instagram.

"Tying bows on party favors while trying to figure out how many I can eat and still have enough left over for guests," Leah Jenner captioned the post.

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And lest anyone thinks guests at Brandon and Leah Jenner's baby shower got away without the indignity of playing silly shower games--think again. Linda Thompson had a diaper game ready for everyone to play.

"A funny little diaper game we played at @leah_jenner 's baby shower today. What a great day!!" she captioned a photo.

Even though Brandon and Leah Jenner were busy celebrating the impending arrival of their baby, it doesn't mean they were unaware of Brandon's dad's huge reveal--from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner--on Monday.

Leah Jenner shared a very special message and photo on Instagram on the day after the baby shower.

"You're finally free, Cait. #courageouswoman I love you," she captioned it.

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No actual due date for Brandon and Leah Jenner's baby has been confirmed, but since the shower was this weekend, one can assume they don't have long to wait.

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