Lea Thompson, "Back To The Future" Co-star Had Odd Date To Prepare For Roles

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Lea Thompson has had many projects since she appeared in the Back To The Future trilogy, but she says they are the ones she's the most proud of. However, one of her co-stars had an odd way of preparing for his role, and he asked her over to his place to join him the night before shooting began for their final scene together.

When Crispin Glover invited her to come over and make some art with her, she was skeptical at first.

"The night before we were supposed to do it, he invited me over to his all black apartment; black lacquer floors, ceilings, everything. The way he wanted to prepare for that scene is that we were going to paint a painting of a volcano together, which we then did. I thought that was the most awesome preparation to play a character ever," Thompson said.

Lea Thompson and her co-stars have all been in the headlines this week, as today's date is the exact one Marty and Doc land on in the second film. Now, thirty years after the original film debuted, fans are still just as loyal as they were back then, and just as interested to see what our present day has in common with the movie's idea of the future.

As for Lea, she says she still has the prom dress and shoes she wore for the films, although they don't fit anymore.

"I can't get in it any more, though. It was so tight! It was tight at the time, but now it’s really, really tight. It was beautifully made, and made to order for me. It's got a low-drop waist, and the way it was cut was just so beautiful. And it's still in great shape. I've still got the shoes. The shoes are even hard to get on now – my big ol' feet from having babies," Lea Thompson said.

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