Lea Michelle: "Baby Bump" Rumor Means She's Made It

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When you make your living in Hollywood, chances are pretty good that everyone with access to the internet wants to know who you're dating, how long you've been dating them, how you met, when you're getting married, and whether or not you've consummated the relationship (not necessarily in that order). Which brings us to the most important question ever asked regarding a female celebrity: Is she pregnant? Is she pregnant?

When Glee star Lea Michelle was seen in public wearing looser-than-normal clothes and carrying a huge purse, rumors immediately began to fly that she was hiding a "baby bump" (perhaps one of the most detestable terms ever invented by our generation). Of course, Michelle just laughed off the idea and announced on Twitter that she had finally "made it" in the business now that everyone wants to know what's happening with her uterus.

Amanda Crum
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