Lea Michele Storms Off ‘Glee’ Set After Being Called A Diva

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Lea Michele reportedly stormed off the set of Glee on Tuesday.

Sources say that the 27-year-old was infuriated that her co-star, Naya Rivera, went to the producers of the show and complained about her being a “diva.”

The two have been working together on the musical television series since it first aired in 2009. Glee is currently in its fifth season.

A source close to Rivera told TMZ that most of the cast and crew were annoyed at Michele for making everyone wait for her to start shooting while she dealt with her own personal matters on set. The incident is said to have happened more than once. Apparently, they have had it with waiting and Rivera was the one who went to the producers to complain about Michele’s unprofessional behavior.

Michele was able to hear Rivera call her a diva in front of the producers, and that’s what caused her to storm off, said the same source.

However, sources from Michele’s camp are telling a different story. According to them, there were no complaints against Michele, at least none that she knew of, and she and Rivera were not even filming a scene together. They also said that it was Rivera who left the set of Glee and not Michele.

TMZ has also received tips that Rivera was fired, but Rivera’s sources say that the rumor is completely untrue and that she is still very much part of the show.

There are two stories from different camps and one detail is the same in both sides – one of them stormed off the set. Whether it was Michele, or Rivera fans will just have to hope that their feud ends soon. They may even patch things up through a song in true Glee fashion.

The next episode of Glee will be airing on April 22.

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