LCD TV Panel Shipments Down Last Quarter

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Though panel shipments for tablets are rising once again, a new estimate shows that common TV panel shipments might be on the decline.

Market research firm IHS today released estimates showing that LCD TV panel shipments declined during the third quarter of 2013. The firm's estimates put third quarter shipments of the panels at 58 million, a small decline from the previous quarter's estimated 58.8 million units shipped. Shipments were also down year-over-year, down from 60 million units shipped during the third quarter of 2012. The event is the first time even that particular market has shown a decline.

IHS analysts went so far as to call the decline in LCD TV panels "worrisome" for the industry. The slowing shipments of LCD TV panels could be due to overall slowing sales of TVs in China. The firm believes that LCD TV panel manufacturers with clients outside of China could fare better and see growing market share.

“LCD TV panel shipments went through a soft period in the third quarter,” said Ricky Park, senior manager for large-area displays at IHS. “The downshifting of the market comes as a surprise because the third quarter is usually a time when things start heating up, in preparation for the furious upcoming fourth-quarter selling season. However, consumers have not been buying as many new television sets as originally hoped, leaving TV brands with panels that they haven’t been able to move.”

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