Lauren Hill's Cancer Worsens, Now In Hospice

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Lauren Hill, the 19-year-old freshman from Cincinnati who inspired millions when she played in a Division III basketball game with Mount St. Joseph despite her ongoing bouts against cancer, was entered into hospice care due to complications related to her brain tumor.

On the Lauren’s Fight for Cure Facebook page, Hill’s family posted an entry last Monday that shed light on the current condition of the young basketballer. “We are excited to have additional resources coming to our home. We have already been able to get supplies to help make things easier here at home,” the post read.

The family said that Hill has been “in good spirits” during the week and that she keeps busy by getting involved in special projects. The teenager was previously spotted at a game against Bethany College last Nov. 21 where the player received a rousing cheer from the crowd after she scored a layup against the competing team.

“Today is another battle,” said the teen in the opening moments of her recent short documentary on “Sometimes I’m winning, sometimes I won’t admit that I’m losing, but it’s a constant struggle.” Hill’s family reports that she’s experiencing severe symptoms from her inoperable cancer. Hill continues to endure headaches, dizziness, and general lack of energy, but the teenager works hard to be in a “funny, goofy mood.”

Hill made headlines after raising more than $324,000 for cancer research and treatment. Fans of the inspiring basketball player are hopeful that she stays alive and healthy even after the doctors told her that she is not expected to live beyond December. November 2 was a monumental day for the teen as she hit the court to play for her college team. Despite her serious condition, Hill was all smiles and was full of energy throughout the course of the game, making her a beacon of hope for those struggling with the same illness.

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