Laura Prepon Reveals Spoilers About "Orange Is The New Black" Season Four

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Laura Prepon is back.

That's right, Orange is the New Black fans, Laura Prepon is back filming season four. That means, of course, Alex didn't die.

Laura Prepon is very much alive and was willing to talk about OITNB and Alex's relationship with Taylor.

When she was asked if Alex and Taylor, who have had the most insane relationship, could finally "ride off into the sunset", she said, "The Alex and Piper relationship is so awesome. It's so tumultuous. They love each other a lot."

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She added, "It's this crazy relationship, there's never a dull moment. I don't know if two people like that could ever ride off into the sunset, but we'll see what happens in season four. There's no shortage of stories to tell."

Watch for more possible spoiler hints if you dare...

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Speaking of Laura Prepon (Alex) and her crazy love affair with Taylor, It was only a few days ago when Laura Prepon admitted that she likes kissing Taylor more than Topher Grace (Eric) from That 70's Show.

When asked who was the better kisser, she said, "Oh, man! Topher would kill me, but I'm gonna say Taylor."

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How do you think Laura Prepon (as Alex, of course) and Taylor will fare this season?

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