Laura Prepon Of 'Orange Is the New Black' Dishes On How She Lost Weight For Good

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Laura Prepon of Orange Is the New Black recently opened up about her weight struggles as a teenagerand how she overcame them for good.

Because of her instant fame as a teenager on That '70s Show, Prepon told Entertainment Tonight that life growing up in front of the America was difficult for her self-esteem and weight issues.

"There were so many nights where I would wake up in the middle of the night like, 'Oh my God! I have to be on camera tomorrow, and I'm so stressed out. How do I lose 10 pounds in eight hours?'" she said.

Prepon said she began a cycle of crash diets ofter suffering bloating and low energy. During that time, she would starve herself and even went so far as to use hormone injections to control her weight, with little to no success in keeping the unwanted pounds off.

Once Laura Prepon established a "clean eating" routine, her weight issues became a thing of the past.

Her plan included creating "The Stash Plan" with nutritionist Elizabeth Troy, which has been made into a New York Times best-selling cookbook called The Stash Plan: Your 21-Day Guide to Shed Weight, Feel Great, and Take Charge of Your Health.

"Twice a week you have these easy cooking sessions," she said, explaining the 21-day program. "You cook a stash, put it in your fridge and every morning you build your meals from it. That really is the crux of it."

Orange Is the New Black returns to Netflix streaming on June 17.

Pam Wright