Lamar Smith Greeted With "Don't Mess with the Internet" Billboard

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In case you've already forgotten who Lamar Smith is, take a moment to remind yourself. If that's too much reading, in short, he was one of the primary sponsors of the SOPA bill that rocked the Internet a couple of months ago.

While most Internet users have moved on to whatever's currently trending, thankfully, some haven't forgotten the damage Smith's bill tried to cause. Take the "Fight For The Future" movement, for instance. Backed by a successful crowdfunding process, the group placed a friendly reminder outside of Smith's San Antonio office, telling him essentially to keep his hands off of the Internet in the form of an awesome billboard, which leads this article.

As indicated, the billboards were paid for by the crowdfunding venture, which was so successful, the organization was able to afford two billboards, both of which sport a nifty "PAID FOR BY THE INTERNET" reminder, just so Smith knows who he's up against. The second billboard is being displayed in Austin, Texas, also near one of Smith's offices. There's a Google Map embed showing interested parties where exactly the billboards are:

They've also included additional images of the billboard from what looks like the Austin, Texas placement. Personally, it's hard not to appreciate the fact that the billboard space is provided by Lamar Advertising. Isn't it ironic, don'tcha think?

Internet Billboard

For those that want to go all out in their support of the FFTF movement--guilty--there's also a Breadpig-designed t-shirt for you to acquire. 10 percent of proceeds from the shirt sales goes to "support Fight for the Future and the Internet Defense League."

One wonders if Smith even notices these billboards. If he does, does he understand the message being posted?