Lamar Odom Won’t Sign Divorce Papers

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Lamar and Khloe have been sending each other and the rest of the world mixed signals about their relationship.

Khloe filed for divorce from Odom earlier this year, and although she moved on and started dating again, it seemed like she just couldn’t get Lamar off her mind.

Lamar went to rehab shortly after the couple split and when he got out he was hoping Khloe would give him another chance.

While the two never did get back together, Lamar still isn’t giving up and although the time has come for him and Khloe to finalize their divorce, Lamar is refusing to sign the papers.

"He needs to sign papers and he won't," a source told People. "He disappears here and there, and she can't find him. She just wants to move on."

While Khloe may love Lamar, she just can’t get over the past and still wants the divorce. Although Lamar has been trying to show Khloe that he has changed, the source said that he still disappears at random times and Khloe just doesn’t want that in her life any longer.

Khloe can still finalize the divorce without Lamar’s signature. If she still wants to go through with it she can file for a Request to Enter a Default. This will allow the divorce papers to be processed without Lamar’s consent. She can also request to dismiss the divorce if she decides to give Lamar another chance.

While many Lamar and Khloe fans have been hoping the couple would reconcile, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen and whether Lamar wants it to happen or not, it looks like the divorce is imminent.

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