Lamar Odom: Khloe Kardashian Explains He's Learning to Walk, Feed Himself

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Lamar Odom is making strides in rehab since his near death experience last month--but they're slow ones. The former NBA player is learning to walk again, and to feed himself, too.

Khloe Kardashian discussed Lamar Odom's condition with Ellen DeGeneres in an interview that will air on Ellen's show on Monday. She also explained her rather complicated role in his life.

“I’m there helping him and I love him and I’ve always loved him,” she explains. “And that will never change. And I just feel like it’s a really insensitive thing to fast-forward a divorce.”

Just days after Lamar Odom regained consciousness, Khloe Kardashian filed papers in the court system to withdraw her divorce petition. But it doesn't sound like that means she and Lamar are "back together again." Instead it sounds like Khloe is an incredibly compassionate woman with a very understanding boyfriend.

“We tell him that he had a brain injury, but we can’t tell him how that brain injury was caused, because that will set him back,” she explained.

Lamar Odom was hospitalized back on October 13 after he was found unconscious at legal brothel called Love Ranch South, after mixing herbal Viagra, cocaine, and alcohol.

“He never asks why he’s here. He doesn’t ask,” Kardashian continued. “He’s really confused a lot--sometimes he knows who the president is and his birthday, and sometimes he thinks he’s 26, and I say I bet you wish you were 26, so do I!”

Khloe Kardashian insists she will stick by Lamar Odom until he is completely well.

“I love him and I always will, and he’s a fantastic person who deserves support and love and for someone to be by his side, and for me, I’m that to him,” she continued. “And thank God I have a fantastic family who loves me and loves him just as much. And they’re so supportive and they’re with me and I have a great boyfriend who’s understanding.”

Khloe Kardashian has been dating Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden for a few months.

“Ya know, it’s definitely a very unique situation, to say the least,” Khloe admitted to Ellen. “Yeah, he’s [Harden] fine with it. I mean, we have to communicate a lot. And he’s really supportive and great.”

Hopefully Lamar Odom will make a full recovery, and when he does, one can only hope he appreciates all Khloe Kardashian has done for him.

Do you think James Harden will stick with Khloe until Lamar Odom is well?

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