Lamar Odom Has Short Term Memory Loss, Says Khloe Kardashian


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Lamar Odom is improving, but is suffering from some short term memory loss.

That's the world from his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian, who has provided another update on the former NBA star.

“His long-term memory is great,” Khloe told Ellen Degeneres on her talk show “His short-term memory isn’t so good, but I mean if I met someone earlier today, I probably wouldn’t remember either, so I mean that’s understandable.”

Khloe says that he's also ready to learn more about his condition during the past few months.

"Every day he’ll ask me so what happened to me. Like today specifically, he was like, ‘How many tubes did I have in me again?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know what’s too serious to tell you,’ but I’m honest ... but it’s good that he wants to know these answers. Before he didn’t want to know, he wasn’t ready to know. So it’s great that he’s at the point that he’s ready to know everything happened."

Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel last October, following a drug overdose.

Khloe Kardashian has been giving the public updates on Odom for some time now. Earlier this month, Odom was released from Cedars-Sinai Hospital and transferred to a rehab center. Last week, Kardashian shared the exciting news that Odom is walking again.

“It’s such a relief,” she told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. “It was terrifying and scary. No one knew what was going to happen. And what’s crazy is because he’s an athlete, I really think having so many years of working out every single day — he wasn’t even walking three weeks ago, and now he’s walking.”