Lakeisha Holloway: Suspect In Las Vegas Mass Hit And Run Was Once Honored For Turning Her Life Around

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Lakeisha Holloway, the 24-year-old who plowed through a crowd of people on Las Vegas sidewalks, was once praised for overcoming her difficult childhood.

Back in 2012, Lakeisha Holloway was featured in a video for Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center, a nonprofit that works with disadvantaged kids.

Before joining the organization, Lakeisha Holloway was in high school, homeless and failing her classes. After, she graduated with a B+ average and went on to work with the U.S. forest service.

The organization later honored Lakeisha Holloway with a C.A.R.E. Role Model Award. In the 2012 video, she says, "Today, I am not the same scared girl I used to be. I'm a mature young woman who has broken many generational cycle(s) that those before me hadn't."

Lakeisha Holloway went from that hopeful young woman to someone who would plow their car into a crowd.

Why she did it remains a mystery, but Lakeisha Holloway told authorities that she was angered because she had tried to pull over and sleep in her car with her three-year-old daughter in the back seat. However, security kept running her off wherever she stopped.

Authorities suspect that Lakeisha Holloway may have been homeless again and living in her car with her daughter.

The family of Lakeisha Holloway is shocked and they insist this is not the woman they know.

LaShay Hardaway, Holloway's cousin, said, "It's not characteristic of Lakeisha. We think we have some understanding of what happened, but the place that we're at right now, we can't say."

She added, "She's not even confrontational. She's a loving mother. ... She's such a beautiful person. She's very successful."

Hardaway also said that Lakeisha Holloway recently seemed "exhausted", but that she was normally "goofy and fun," and completely unlike "this vigilante that they're trying to make her out to be."

She added, "What those other families are seeing is this villain that they're projecting on TV. What our family is seeing is this person that we know, which is, like, two different people."

Time will tell what it was that made Lakeisha Holloway run her car onto a crowd of people, killing one and injuring 35. What do you think it could have been?

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