Lakeisha Holloway Makes First Court Appearance Following Deadly Las Vegas Strip Crash

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Lakeisha Holloway made her first court appearance on Wednesday following her deadly car crash on Saturday. While driving on the Las Vegas Strip, Holloway allegedly steered her car onto a sidewalk, killing one person and wounding more than 30 more.

On Tuesday, Lakeisha Holloway was charged with murder with a deadly weapon, along with one count of leaving the scene of an accident, which is also a felony. She will likely be charged with child abuse, neglect or endangerment, in connection with the presence of her child in the car at the time of the crash.

In her arrest report, authorities noted, “She would not explain why she drove onto the sidewalk but remembered a body bouncing off of her windshield, breaking it.”

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson indicated more charges are likely.

“Our hearts go out to the victims and their families,” he said in a statement. “This is a horrendous and inexcusable act that has needlessly and tragically impacted countless lives. I am confident that, as the investigation unfolds, we will be filing many more charges against Ms. Holloway.”

Lakeisha Holloway was brought into the courtroom on Wednesday separate from other inmates. She spoke very quietly, answering, "Yes, ma'am," when asked if she understood the proceedings. Her public defenders--Joseph Abood and Scott Coffee--described her as "distraught."

Holloway told police that she remembered a body bouncing off her windshield, breaking it. She also said she was not on drugs or alcohol, according to the arrest report.

Lakeisha Holloway is in "medically restricted custody" at the Clark County Detention Center, although it's uncertain if she is injured, requires medical attention, or is suicidal.

No one yet has determined what made Lakeisha Holloway snap and drive her car onto that sidewalk this past weekend. Her three-year-old daughter, who was in her car at the time of the crash, has been placed in state custody.

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