Lady Gaga Takes Looking Cool To A New Level


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Lady Gaga is known for wearing some crazy outfits, but her most recent takes the cake. The sheer, fishnet bodysuit she wore over a two piece bikini isn't the flashiest or most colorful outfit the star has come up with, but the fact that she decided to wear it in NYC during on a cold day in February, definitely makes it one of the strangest.

Gaga didn't even attempt to cover herself up with a coat or jacket, in spite of the fact that she was walking through snow on the streets of the Big Apple. She did however wear an extremely long, blonde wig that covered up most of her backside, but was still not enough to keep her warm in the chilly weather.

To top off her insane ensemble, Gaga wore a pair of strange sunglasses, a black hat and a pair of black platforms. Clothing wasn't the only thing Gaga held back on, she also skimped on the makeup and showed off her newly-dyed eyebrows, which were almost invisible.

Gaga must have decided her sheer outfit wasn't suitable after all, and she decided to buy a coat the day after she appeared in it. But in true Lady Gaga fashion, the coat she chose was just as extreme as her personality.

Gaga opted for a pink mink fur coat that was almost as long as her blonde wig. Although the pink fur coat is pretty outrageous, it's nice to see that Gaga decided being warm was more important than showing off her body.

Don't worry Gaga, Spring will be here before you know it, bringing plenty of warm opportunities to wear skimpy clothing out in public. Until then, keep it weird, but keep it covered.

Which of Gaga's most recent outfits do you think is the craziest?

Image via Instagram