Lady Gaga Suffers Concussion During Show

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Songstress Lady Gaga is no stranger to weirdness, as we all know by now; she wears dresses made of meat and totters around on odd, armadillo-shaped shoes. So fans at a recent show in New Zealand probably weren't too shocked when a backup dancer smacked her on the head with a huge pole--which was a stage prop--and sent her staggering backwards before she chased him offstage with a toy gun. Just another day in the life of Gaga, right?

Not so much. The dancer was just trying to remove the pole quickly and didn't realize Gaga was kneeling behind him. The rod came down and bashed her right on the melon, causing her to take a moment to get her bearings before running after him offstage. Her makeup artist tweeted about her condition afterwards, saying she had a concussion but was expected to be okay.

Usually the drama that erupts around Gaga concerns her costumes, her song lyrics, or her tweets, which apparently offended some fans in Thailand when she visited there for a show last month.

Fans and haters alike took to Twitter over the weekend to share their thoughts on Gaga's mishap:

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