Lady Gaga Cited by Instagram over Safety

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Well it's good to know that Instagram cares about the safety of its users and takes their reports seriously. I've heard of people reporting others for social offenses such as spam of extreme vulgarity, but does anyone personally know someone who was reported because followers feared for the life of that individual?

Lady Gaga was smacked with a courtesy alert from Instagram citing the concerns of its members regarding the content she has been posting. Arguably, posting lyric pages with burnt cigarette marks could be alarming. She does seem to reference being "high" frequently but we ca never be sure if she's referring to a sense of euphoria, the effect of smoking marijuana, or some other cryptic meaning.

It wouldn't be right to assume she's having some severe struggles in life based on her frequent use of the word "high". Let's face it, from a writer/songwriter's standpoint, it's a great word when it comes to rhyming and whatnot. We also have to be fair. Granted Instagram wasn't around when this particular song debuted, but still, no one made a fuss when James Blunt premiered his single "High" to the world. In fact, it was a complete hit.

Maybe it was the line "each day I cry" that worried some of her over 2 million Instagram followers. With over 40 million followers on Twitter, it's not unexpected that someone is going to have something to say, and more often than not, something negative.

Sure Gaga's posted selfies looking tired, but that could be expected by a performer of her caliber. So what she isn't smothered in makeup looking blissfully disconnected.Gaga has never been one of those "artist" who's been afraid to strip it all off, makeup, clothing, you name it. Take a look at Gaga's new album cover for ARTPOP.

Her fans love her because she isn't afraid to slum it with the rest of us; granted, her slumming it is a bit more glamorous.

With her new album premiering next month, we can assume that Gaga is too excited to be on suicide watch. She loves her fans dearly and I expect she isn't going anywhere anytime soon; well at least not by her own cause.

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