L.A. Kings Win the Stanley Cup - Twitter Reacts

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The Los Angeles Kings started the championship series 3-0 and had two chances to put out the New Jersey Devils last week and failed on both occasions. But they never gave up, and yesterday they finally took the series and the Stanley Cup.

The game was one sided for the Kings, who scored 3 goals in a row off the power play and kept pouring it on for the 6-1 victory. Jeff Carter and Trevor Lewis scored two goals a piece, and MVP Jonathan Quick made 17 saves. This is the first Stanley Cup victory for the Kings, who have been a team for 45 years. Barely even making the playoffs to begin with, they are the first 8th seeded team to win the title.

Continuing the celebration, and giving one last chance for L.A. to see their newly championed Kings, the team will hold a parade and "Championship rally" in downtown Los Angeles Thursday. Players and coaches will ride on a double decker bus through downtown in a 45 minute long parade. This wil be followed by the championship rally at the Staples Center, which will include video highlights, presentations and speeches from players.

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their joy and astonishment at the Kings first ever Stanley cup victory. Here is a collection of the best/funniest/most interesting of the lot, including an ecstatic celebration from die hard Kings fan Wil Wheaton. He is almost brought to tears after throwing his arms in the air and running around his house screaming in celebration... It's all done to a kazoo rendition of The Final Countdown, so it's pretty fun to watch.

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