Kylie Minogue Refutes Record Label Split Rumors


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Kylie Minogue has been a big subject in the music world over the past week.

Rumors have been circulating about the Aphrodite singer-songwriter reportedly being dropped by her label, Parlophone Records.

However, it appears the rumors are quite far from the truth. So, she's personally taken the initiative to respond to the speculative reports published by a British newspaper that insisted she'd been dropped as a result of "poor sales."

On Monday, June 2, Minogue took to Twitter to address the issue. She posted a tweet directed to Parlophone Records posing the question about the alleged "break-up," along with an answer.

"Whoaahh... @parlophone!! According to 'sources' we r 'breaking up'! Not true. Exciting times ahead! #LOVEu4EVA.", Minogue tweeted. The Warner Brothers subsidiary also responded to the tweet, backing the 46-year-old singer's statement. Here's what the label tweeted in response: "@kylieminogue we #LOVEu4EVA too 🙂 #teamkylie".

So, it looks like another rumor bites the dust, and Minogue won't be packing up and searching for a new label anytime soon.

According to Yahoo! News Australia, the detailed rumor report was published by The British Sun. The allegations were even backed by an unidentified source who reportedly stated that the singer was quite disappointed with the record sales from her latest album, Kiss Me Once.

Another media outlet reported that Minogue also felt the fans' overall response to the project wasn't as expected. The album has reportedly sold approximately 60,000 copies in the UK. As a result of the low sales, the label reportedly opted against re-signing Minogue.

However, despite the reported sales, the album still debuted at No.1 on the Australian ARIA album charts.

Image via Kylie Minogue, Facebook