Kylie Minogue Pranks One Of Her Biggest Fans [VIDEO]

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What if your favorite singer came to your job or local gym to give you a personal performance? That would be pretty cool, huh?

Well, that's what happened to Adam Miner of Crouch End, England recently, when pop star Kylie Minogue walked into his gym and gave him a one-on-one performance, complete with backup dancers and everything.

The whole thing was set up by MasterCard to promote the 2014 BRIT Awards, and the company is doing the same thing with other stars like Pharrell, as he's supposed to surprise a fan as well.

Here's how MasterCard and Minogue pulled the prank off:

Miner was doing his usual workout at his neighborhood gym and all of a sudden Minogue comes out of nowhere and starts singing her new single "Into The Blue," and the other people working out in the gym were secretly planted, as they were really Minogue's backup dancers. Soon after, Miner was in the middle of a full-on performance, and considering he's one of the pop singer's biggest fans, it made the prank extra special for him, he said.

"I've been a fan of Kylie for as long as I can remember," said Minor. "I have so much memorabilia from over the years and from concerts at home, that to have my own personal performance from Miss Kyle Minogue herself, I was just stunned. She's an incredible woman. I'm so lucky."

And Minogue said the performance was special for her as well, because she hardly ever gets to meet and do a personal show for one of her fans. "I've never performed in a gym before," she said. "So it was a crazy and exciting experience for both me and my fan Adam. I loved Adam's reaction when I walked in and even in his shocked state, he still managed to sing along to all the words to 'Into The Blue.' It was fabulous for both of us."

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