Kylie Jenner's New Look And Relationship

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Kylie Jenner couldn't let her sisters Kim and Kendall get all of the attention this week.

The youngest Jenner sister decided she needed to mix things up and turn some heads with a new look.

While her sisters were busy making headlines for showing off their bodies, Kylie decided to show of her new hair color.

She showed off a bright blue color at Kim and Kanye's wedding and although she said it wasn't necessarily the color she wanted, she thought about keeping it for a while just to annoy her mother Kris.

Kylie shared her blue hairstyle in pictures that she posted on Instagram and Twitter.

Kylie recently showed off another new dye job. This time the reality TV star decided to go all black. She showed off photos of her newest color job on Instagram as well.

Hair color isn't the only thing new for Kylie, she also seems to have a new man in her life. Kylie has spent a lot of time with Jaden Smith over the last few months, and several sources close to the two teens claim that they were indeed dating. Kylie and Jaden both denied these rumors and insisted that they were just good friends.

Although the two were allegedly spotted kissing at Kim and Kanye's wedding in May, Kylie was also seen getting close with another guy recently. Kylie and Miles Richie, son of Lionel Richie, were spotted together in a car over the weekend. The two were about to embrace when Kylie noticed the paparazzi were nearby and pulled away.

Just a few weeks ago, a video was released showing Kylie tattooing her initials on Richie's arm. Kylie kept quiet about the video and although the two people on tape appear to be Kylie and Miles, the video was never authenticated and was soon forgotten.

It seems like Kylie is one of the only members of her family who prefers to keep at least some portions of her life private. Kylie is still young and is having fun and can rightfully date whoever she wants. Whether she chooses to share her relationship with the world is her decision and at least for now, it doesn't seem like that is something she is ready to do.

Who do you think Kylie Jenner is really dating?

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