Kurt Sutter In Twitter Feud With Reality Show Bikers

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Kurt Sutter, the creator of "Sons Of Anarchy", knows a thing or two about motorcycle gangs; he's made them his life since 2008, when he brought the Sons to our television screens (and our hearts), and he reportedly spent time with an outlaw biker gang as research for the show. But when he gave an opinion on the reality show "The Devils Ride" via Twitter recently, the members of the group featured on the show took offense, and a bit of a feud has been sparked.

Sutter began the back-and-forth with the question of whether or not the show was still on, slamming the bikers by saying they weren't as hard as the actors on his show.

Soon after, a member of the gang the Laffing Devils--Mad Max--replied, prompting Sutter to respond with a cheeky observation.

The "fat one from "The Wonder Years" Sutter is referring to is Jason Hervey, who played Wayne on the classic '80s show and is the creator of "The Devils Ride". Hervey had a few things of his own to say to Sutter:

So far, that's been the last word, but it probably won't stay that way.

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