Krysten Ritter Underwent Grueling Physical Challenges for Jessica Jones Role

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Krysten Ritter didn't simply land a role and begin shooting scenes as Marvel superhero Jessica Jones in the upcoming Netflix series of the same name. Instead the actress underwent some rather grueling training.

“I had to train pretty hard-core — boxing and weight training,” Krysten Ritter told Page Six in a recent interview. “Things that I would never do. I like spinning and Pilates, but I had to wear weight-lifting gloves and pack on muscle. I got really into it.”

Defying many stereotypes in this role, Krysten Ritter is super excited to play a superhero.

“I’m never sexualized, I’m not in a slutty suit. This is a really ballsy, tough, badass character," she says.

Set to debut via Netflix on November 20th, Jessica Jones focuses on its title character, "a retired superhero in search of personal redemption." Along the way she’ll encounter Jeryn Hogarth (played by Carrie-Anne Moss) and fellow Marvel superhero Luke Cage, played on the show--and in his own upcoming series--by Mike Colter.

Prior to her new superhero role, Krysten Ritter starred as Jane Margolis--Jesse Pinkman’s junky girlfriend on Breaking Bad.

Kudos to Krysten Ritter for working hard--not just mentally, but physically, too--for her role as Jessica Jones. Some actors pick up their scripts and proceed to read lines. Krysten Ritter endured serious physical turmoil in her transformation from actor to superhero.

Will you be checking out Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter when the series premieres in November?

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