Kristin Cavallari On Parenting And Babies


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Kristin Cavallari is the proud mother of two little boys named Jax and Camden. Cavallari recently talked about parenthood and what it is like to be a mother to two young children. She also said that she is not planning to have a third baby any time soon.

"Before we had children, Jay and I both wanted four, and now we're thinking three, but we're just going to have to see how it goes. Right now the last thing on my mind is having another baby, but it is a ton of fun. We love having kids; Camden is going to be 2 in August, and it's such a fun age. He's just starting to talk, and he makes us laugh every single day," she said.

Just because she doesn't want another baby right now, doesn't mean that she isn't planning to have another one some day.

"I do think we'll end up having another one, but then we're done. It's a lot of work, and being pregnant for a full nine months isn't the best thing in the world."

She also talked about the difference between raising one child and raising two.

"It's a lot easier in the sense that you know what to do and expect, so you have a lot more confidence. But you have zero time to yourself now," she said. "Camden takes a nap at 1 o'clock, so when Camden's going down, Jax is just waking up to eat and play, so there's literally no time. But it's amazing and really sweet seeing Camden love being a big brother."

"You're definitely more relaxed with the second one because you're not stressed out by questioning everything that you're doing," she added.

Since having children, Cavallari has stopped working as much as she once did, but her husband Jay Cutler is still the quarterback for the Chicago Bears. The family lives in the suburbs of Chicago.

Image via Wikimedia Commons