Kristen Wiig Talks "Walter Mitty"


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Kristen Wiig, the talented SNL graduate, is recognized the world over for her brilliant comedic performances. Wiig recently starred in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues as well as Despicable Me 2, and finished work on How to Train Your Dragon 2. On Christmas day, fans will be treated to seeing a different side of the established actress. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty starring Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig tells the story of a "dreamer" embarking on a real life journey. The script was written by Steve Conrad, and based on the 1939 New Yorker story created by James Thurber.

In a recent interview with WGAL, Wiig explained why many are fascinated with this tale, and how the underlying principles have been adapted for modern times. "What Steve did when he wrote the script was really special and brilliant in he took what we love about the character of Walter and modernized him in a way that we can all relate to. I think that's one of the reasons that the story is so timeless, because we can all relate to Walter. We're all a little bit of Walter in that we have a fantasy life and we all daydream. We all imagine our lives to be different."

Part of being such a popular comedic actress means that there is a tendency to be typecast into comedic roles. Wiig was excited to participate in this film, and to show her diverse talents as a performer. "I was extremely flattered when Ben thought of me for the role because I knew he wasn't going for a broad comedy. I love to have the opportunities to do other things and in this past year, I worked on three smaller films that are much more dramatic in tone. You have to be given the chance to do that and prove that you can do it or at least try." Wiig said before explaining why comedic roles tend to find her. "I think it's natural for people to associate you with the work that you're known for, and that makes complete sense to me. I had been on SNL for seven years and did a handful of movies, all of which were comedies, so I totally understand why people think that's all I do. So for Ben to think of me in this role, which I really wouldn't say is comedic even though it has funny moments, is great. For the most part, it's pretty subdued and subtle, and I was really excited for the opportunity."

Image Via Wikimedia Commons