Kristen Wigg Gets Scared By A Ghost On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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There was something strange in the neighborhood, or at least on the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. So who you gonna call? Kristen Wiig.

If she wasn’t afraid of ghosts, that is.

The Saturday Night Live alum was literally scared out of her chair when a ghost, or a man dressed as a ghost, popped out of the side table.

Wiig started her segment talking fashion – throwback fashion, in particular - with DeGeneres when she shared a throwback photo of herself in a perm.

The picture showed the Welcome to Me star rocking a long-sleeved, white lace gown for an aunt’s wedding.

"That was the Annie perm," the 41-year-old comedienne explained. "I got a perm and put Sun-In in my hair because of Annie."

The conversation then shifted to Wiig’s upcoming Ghostbusters 3 role and how excited she was about it.

But when asked whether she believed in ghosts, Wiig replied with a tentative "Yeah, sure.”

The 57-year-old DeGeneres then pointed out that she seemed hesitant.

“No, but I mean there’s different kinds I guess,” Wigg replied.

At that moment, an “Ellen” crew member dressed as a ghost suddenly popped out and scared the crap out of the actress, prompting her to fall out of her chair screaming.

"Oh my God!" she said while clutching her chest. "That was terrifying!"

DeGeneres looked like she really enjoyed the prank she pulled and told Wiig that "I knew you would be scared.”

The Bridesmaids actress then took several large set pieces from the pile given to her earlier as payment for her trauma.

"Because you did that. I get those! That was terrifying," Wiig jokingly said. "That was really scary. Look at my hands."

The Ghostbusters reboot also stars Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Bridesmaids’ Paul Feig will be directing.

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