Kristin Cavallari: She Faked It!

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Kristin Cavallari wears a lot of hats these days: shoe designer, NFL wife, mom, PREGNANT mom, actress.....and FAKER?

Because being a star reality TV actress on The Hills, successful Chinese Laundry shoe designer, wife to star Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler AND pregnant with their second child just wasn't enough, Cavallari came out of the closet with her own version of The Hills - truth style.

Bethenny Frankel gets the 411 on all things fake in MTV's reality series The Hills when Kristin Cavallari admits that the relationships and fights on the show were usually staged. The 26-year-old actress tells Frankel that "I faked relationships, faked fights," and "I don't care anymore -- I can tell you. At this point, it's been so many years."

Crazy right? Reality TV faked?! No...I mean, IT'S JUST NOT POSSIBLE!

And here I thought being a career woman-supportive wife-preggo mommy would be enough on her plate. Let's go ahead and add in a Hollywood spoiler alert - The Hills was FAKED!

At least she's keeping the sex of the baby quiet till Christmas, when her and hubby will open the box containing the sex of their child written on a piece of paper by Cavallari's doctor.

For now, anyway.

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